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DTS lighting PHARUS

Производитель: DTS lighting
Страна производителя: Италия
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Просмотров: 1054
1595 EUR

Lamp: HTI 1500W/D7/60 (PHARUS 1500)
HMI 1200S (PHARUS 1200)
Base: SFc 10-4 with notch
Optical group
New optical group with condenser lens
Zoom 7° ÷ 16°
Linear focus
Extractable iris-diaphragm
Mechanical dimmer with black-out
Colour changer (optional): 5
interchangeable gel filter holders
Automatic switching system between colours
Gobo holder for gobo projections (optional)
Made on aluminium and stainless steel
High resistance to heat and mechanical stress
Removable cover for easy access to lamp
Safety micro switches
Power supply
230V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 1600 VA, with built in power factor correction
External ballast (electromagnetic or electronic)
18,7 Kg (PHARUS)
14,5 Kg (ballast)